First things first.

I am doing this to keep track of what I actually know, and what I think I know, and what I want to know.

My personal belief is; “if you aren’t learning, you are dying”.  And I plan to live to 174.  Everyone should have a long term goal.  Short term is learning.

I hope to show my current skills, future skills, and “Oh, my stars, you have got to be pulling on my leg” skills.

Current skills include bookkeeping, homekeeping, ongoing education, crafts, fishing, and camping, to name a few.  Future skills are ongoing education, Ham Radio, spinning & weaving, learning to play classical piano, and figuring out how to earn a living not going to a job.  Pulling on my leg skills seem to make my grandchildren giggle or roll their eyes.  For instance, I know how to butcher wild game but not actually kill something to eat, unless you count fish.  My grandson finds this a bit weird because I believe in hunting.  I have hope chests for my grandkids, boys and girls, because they will need things to set up their own homes.  The girls are glad I care enough to do this for them, but the oldest boy just rolls his eyes and says his wife will bring all of that stuff.  Yea, right.

Hummingbird Quilt top

Another “pulling on my leg” skill is that I require my grandkids to learn a new skill when they come to visit.  The last time it was sewing on a button.  Before that it was simple crochet.  If you can repair your clothes or make them from scratch you are ahead of the game.

Being able to put together a quilt is something that I think everyone should be able to do as well.  If you can take scraps and turn it into something beautiful you are an artist.